Academician Professor Aleksandar Ljubić, MD PhD, is one of the most famous gynecologists in Serbia, whose expertise in the fields of reproductive medicine and high-risk pregnancies are known throughout the country, region, and the world.

Over the past thirty five years, he has successfully completed tens of thousands of IVFs, childbirths, and treatments of high-risk pregnancies.

He is the pioneer in invasive ultrasound guided fetal procedures, direct maturation of fetal lungs, inventor of method of perinatal hearing screening, non surgical fibroids treatment and advanced NOTES laparoscopic procedures.

In the last 10 years, professor’s main research areas are biotechnology in reproductive and perinatal medicine, regenerative medicine, assisted reproduction, minimally invasive reproductive surgery as well as tumor biology. He is Co-Founder of BioCell Hospital in Belgrade.

He is implementing different, unique approaches in implementing biological therapies in treating sterility and also on new discoveries for life longevity.

He is the founder of SEGOVA program, for ovarian rejuvenation and SEMPRE RB program, for longevity.